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27th September 2002

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Dan Tetsell and Danny Robbins

The Date is the first episode of the show's first series and therefore spends the first couple of minutes introducing us to the main cast. This episode was broadcast for the first time on the 27th of September 2002.



After a very scary trip to St. Nigels School, Stephen meets up with a woman named Amanda at Anil's. Amanda has moved to town with her grumpy old aunt until she finds a flat of her own.

Amanda agrees with Stephen for a date at the cafe, but she also explains that her aunt is alone with no husband, so Stephen promises her to find someone for her, and thus he chooses a reluctant Basil.

Basil finally agrees to take out Amanda's aunt after Stephen pleads, after picking out a outfit from his hungry wardrobe, the two couples meet up at the cafe.


  • This marks the first appearance of Stephen, Molly, Dave, Anil and Amanda.
  • Previews of Cakes and The Farm are shown in the character introductions.

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The Basil Brush Show 1x01 The Date

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