Stephen is the uncle to Dave and Molly, and is left in charge of them when their parents go on a round-the-world tour. It is never mentioned how he was chosen to be their guardian, or what his exact relationship with the children is. He is often the main subject of Basil or another character's jokes, much to his annoyance. He lives with the majority of the main characters in his flat.

He was also not very clever as he did not seem to know a very simple sum (as established in the episode, Bing Trouble when Molly told him that 2 + 2 = 4, to which he said "Does it?"). He was played by Christopher Pizzey and left at the end of series 4. He appeared briefly in Series 5 when Basil mentioned that he has been snapped up by Hollywood. But this later reveals he is working at a Hollywood burger van. His cousin Liam arrived to take his place.


  • Stephen seemed to be unlucky as he was cursed in The Fake's Progress
  • Stephen last appeared in Liam & Lucy but only briefly.
  • Christopher Pizzey eventually reprised the role as Mr Stephen for online short episodes for The Basil Brush Show and also partakes in tours and stage shows along with Basil.
  • Stephen had stated in Basil the Movie, that he could do glamour and gloss. And Basil stated that he decorated with gloss last time. This might be a reference to Cakes. When Stephen made a major decorating mistake.
  • He is the only major character introduced in the first episode not to appear in the final episode.
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