Going for Broke
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6th December 2002

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The Mad Man of Murrimbidgee

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David Gillespie & Mark Warren

Going for Broke is the eleventh episode of the show's first series. This episode was broadcast for the first time on the 6th of December 2002.



Dave has an unexpected urge for kindness towards a tramp, which reaps great rewards, but the tramp may not be who he seems.

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The Basil Brush Show 1x11 Going for Broke


  • Even though he doesn't appear until Series 5 as a main character, Liam has a very small cameo when Basil and the Gang are partying.
  • The song that plays during the party to celebrate the "check" Dave received was "Crescendolls" by Daft Punk.

Liam Cameo in Series 1

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