Bend It Like Basil
2x06 Bend it like Basil

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31st October 2003

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Bend It Like Basil is the sixth episode of the show's second series. This episode was broadcast for the first time on the 31st October 2003.


After Mr Stephen fails to cook a pizza for Basil, Molly and Dave, he orders a pizza instead. But Dave comes home from football practice late. Dave then explains to Stephen why he is unhappy about playing in the next match. His match is against St Nigols, a mean, dangerous and violent school ever.

Basil ends up upsetting Dave, and he storms off in anger to bed. The next morning, Stephen, Basil and Molly find out that Dave had done a runner. And they go to Anil's to find him.

At the Cafe, Ella isn't happy with the fact that Anil is being really sexist, even stating girls can't play football when Stephen explains the situation with Dave, and she shows off her football skills.

Dave is finally caught, and is taken to his school changing room. And ends up playing in the game. The goalkeeper ends up being injured by a penalty, and Basil has to fill in for him, Molly is the replacement for Coach Savage after an incident with his whistle, and Ella becomes an extra team member on Dave and Basil's team, and ends up scoring the goals for the team.

Back at the changing rooms, Stephen, Basil, Molly and Ella are happy with Dave for winning, and Basil realises that St Nigols are really not that tough and rough.

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The Basil Brush Show 2x06 Bend it like Basil

The Basil Brush Show 2x06 Bend it like Basil