Basil's Millions
3x02 Basil's Millions

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12th November 2004

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Basil's Millions is the eighth episode of the show's third series. This episode was broadcast for the first time on the 12th of November 2004.


Basil and Mortimer must get along without any fighting for 48 hours. With a lawyer keeping an eye on them, along with Molly, Dave, Madison and Stephen.


  • Originally according the the wikipedia website, this episode was episode 2 yet on the CBBC website it said this was episode 8.
  • It is also stated that Stephen has tight underwear.
  • Mortimer might have a secret crush on Madison
  • Basil and Mortimer are shown to know martial arts in this episode.
  • The running gag is Stephen correcting people whenever they get a line wrong, but they actually are right.

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The Basil Brush Show 3x08 Basil's Millions

The Basil Brush Show 3x08 Basil's Millions